OK. To tell you the truth, we didn’t know who Fidel was – not until I Googled his name yesterday. And yes, he’s Bruges most famous citizen – atleast that’s what most of the other blogs and travel portals say! I mistook him for Lupo, another celebrity (royal) dog. So what’s the deal with Fidel? Well, besides sharing his name with another famous, ahem, South-American President; he’s a celebrity in his own right. And although hordes of tourists snap his pictures, he’s unfazed by his fans or paparazzi. He’s got a blink-and-miss role in a Godiva commercial and the movie, ‘In Bruges‘. It was a casting coup of sorts, I suppose. How else, can you explain an actor (animal or human) getting featured to do what he does everyday?

So, now that you have done with your scenic canal ride and ‘Fidel’ spotting tour, don’t miss Michelangelo’s stunning marble statue of the ‘Madonna with Child‘ in the ‘Church of Our Lady‘. Anyone who’s been to Rome and admired the ‘Pieta’ will recognise Michelangelo’s artistry, instantly. His unique ability of bringing out emotion – through stone – is the only constant in all his works. The church has its fair share of paintings and statues.

As with most places, there will be a lot to see or do in Bruges. Although, a day might be sufficient to see the major sights, try staying the night. Cobbled roads, brick houses, green cover, and sunshine are best enjoyed at leisure.

Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

4 replies on “Finding Fidel in Bruges

  1. Never heard of Fidel before (this Fidel) but I have been to Bruges aka Brugge and blogged about it. A lovely town!

    1. I think Fidel is like a tourist trap. Not that I’m complaining. He was really cute! 🙂 We did love Bruges. I wish we could have stayed for longer. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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