May 23, 2018

We’re a regular husband-wife travelling team with a dream to explore distant places and learn about new cultures. Two Brown Feet is an online memoir of our experiences on the road. It’s our happy place when we’re in a rough spot and an escape from the trappings of a mundane life. We’d like to inspire others who dream of exploring similar paths — to take that first step.

We’re not professional or nomadic travellers and that’s why we’re prone to make mistakes. We’re prone to get lost and, hopefully, find our destination along the way. Our experiences are real — if not perfect. We also like to assume that those who follow us, like to travel off the beaten path and prefer honesty over puff pieces.

That said, (it is a disclaimer after all) the content on this blog is for information and as such is a tool to help one imagine and encourage to follow suit. We could be wrong. And then again, we could be right. It depends which side of the lens you’re looking from. We advise traveller discretion — should you choose to follow our advice or our travel path. What worked for us, need not work for you!

We fund more than 90% of our travel. If we do review a service or are sponsored by a travel group — we ensure that we stay true to our voice. Some of these sponsored/review posts may contain affiliate links, should you choose to click on these links and make a purchase, we would earn a commission that will go towards the maintenance of our website.

The views expressed on our blog is a reflection on our travels or life in general. They do not represent the organisations or institutions we may work for or be affiliated with. They do not mirror the sentiments of the people we travel with or speak about. We try to keep our thoughts real, but it is not our intention to offend any person’s beliefs or ideology or sentiments. We’d like to assume that if you’re following us — we’re kindred spirits.

We also like to start conversations and hear new ideas. It helps us grow as travellers and people. However, we’d appreciate if comments come through verified channels and have a genuine voice of reason. Life’s hard enough and our blog isn’t a place to let off steam.

It goes without saying that people change with time and exposure to different situations. Our views and thoughts aren’t immune either. We’d like to hope that our readers are equally open to idea of the fluidity of our thoughts and take it as evolution of us as individuals/travellers and above all — people.