Neighbouring France and Germany, the city of Basel offers a heady mix of natural beauty, traditional Swiss culture, and modernity. Undoubtedly, there would be lots to pursue here. But if you’re making a pit-stop at Basel, with less than a day in hand, then taking a walk along the River Rhine should be your top priority.

Evenings are perfect to discover ‘local life’ around the river. We started our walk along the Rhine, around 4:30 pm, while the sun was still shining brightly. Fortunately, the pavements are lined with green cover. Look closely and you will spot unique houses with brightly coloured garden flowers. Ornate street lamps and water fountains make for splendid photo opportunities.

The Rhine is an arterial river which connects Germany, Switzerland, and Netherlands. So, if you’re not prone to sea sickness, you could also consider taking a cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. En route, we spotted a couple of ships ferrying across the river.

In summer, the banks of the rivers are frequented with sunbathers and picnicking families. The atmosphere is best described as ‘lively’. You might also spot a solo dreamer – contemplating on a bench. Take a break, sit, and breathe!

Well into half an hour of our walk, the sky was painted blue with an occasional grey cloud or two. And although we never made it to the other bank, the view of the houses on the other side, looked stunning! Bridges connect the two banks. That’s if you want to see what’s on the other side. Walking the total length of the river might prove to be a good exercise and would clock over an hour. We took a detour to check local souvenir shops, before, retracing our steps through the route we had covered earlier.

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

8 replies on “60 Minutes along the Rhine

  1. Thank you Roberto! The ‘Rhine’ is soothing, especially in the evening. Ironically, it means ‘raging flow’! 🙂 I really liked your post on Cologne and the accompanying photographs. It showed us all that we missed!

  2. Thanks Helene! Basil will be really happy with all the attention his photographs receive. He’s the one who keeps clicking, while I dream, make mental-notes or get lost. 🙂

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