Green Tea & Coffee
In a quaint coffee shop in Shillong…
I sip on my green tea.
The waitress politely smiles at me.
I smile back.
She: “Excuse me Ma’am. It would be better if you removed the strainer.”
Me: “Oh! I thought…umm…I’m embarrassed!”
She: “It’s all right. We get that often!”
Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

4 replies on “Tea Slip

  1. LOL! Your slip just brought back memories of an embarrasing reply I made while holidaying in Australia. I was on my way to the Dandenong Mountains with my sister’s family and we decided to stop by at one of the quaint bakeries along the mountain road for a quick break.

    She: What will you have, dear?
    Me: I’ll have some tea, please.
    She: English Breakfast, dear?
    Me: I’ve already had breakfast. Just a cup of tea is fine for me.

    And then it hit me…English Breakfast is a type of tea! In fact English Breakfast and Earl Grey are my favourite types of tea.

    Me: Oh yes. English Breakfast is great.

    I could see she was trying to hide a smile. So embarrassing. Where was my brain when I needed it! 😦

  2. Helene, I perfectly understand how you feel. I’ve made a fool of myself many times. I try hard to pay attention, but maybe I’m too tired and I slip. 🙂 But, don’t these memories make travelling so much fun?

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