We visited Brussels, last June, during our trip to Iceland. We were there for roughly 5 days. And since we were visiting family and friends – it didn’t seem like a trip at all. It was one of those few trips, in which, we were escorted around the city and didn’t have to worry of being picked/dropped from the airport. And although being spoilt may have its perks – there’s little I remember of navigating around Brussels! What I do remember, however, is that Brussels has an efficient transport system. You could choose taking the tram (we took it twice), train, or bus. So once you figure the basic routes, it shouldn’t be difficult navigating around the city. Or you could try the Hop on – Hop Off.

Brussels geographical location is its biggest draw. Paris is roughly an hour away, while Amsterdam and Cologne around 2 hours by ThalysAntwerp, Bruges, and Ghent make excellent day trips. If you have a packed Europe itinerary, 2 days should be sufficient to see the main sights in Brussels. But you won’t be disappointed – if you choose to extend your trip.

We spent two days visiting Brussel’s iconic sights – Parc du Cinquantenaire, Grand Place, Manneken-Pis and munching chocolate waffles. I’m not sure why Basil chose to click these pictures in B&W, perhaps, for added effect. But, I really loved them! Colour or the lack of it, makes a world of difference, especially, in the way we perceive a city or object. And black and whites seem to have a unique ability of stopping time and arresting any kind of motion.



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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

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