It was the sixth morning of our trip in Iceland. Our Iceland trip was nearing its end and we had to head back to Reykjavik. We passed through a familiar terrain of desolate roads, towering glaciers, and lava fields. This time, we stopped at the pre-designated viewing point of lava fields. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the signboard or you’ll miss it entirely. Although I didn’t like the way the barren mound-like fields looked, I was appreciative of how diverse Iceland was. There’s a stunning canyon at FjaðrárgljúfurBut we had to get back to Reykjavik, so we skipped it. It’s a small detour from the main road and probably best explored with a 4WD. On our way we saw participants of a marathon run. To run on desolate roads, with tourists driving by and only nature for company; what an experience it must be for them!

We made a pit-stop at Vik. This time, to see the ‘Black Sand Beach‘. Once again, you’ve got to be alert or you’ll miss the turn to the beach. The route to the beach takes you through a lush green cliff. There were nesting sites on either side and it’s best to avoid them – if you don’t want to be pecked. There is a small path which leads to the black sandy beach below. Huge rocky caves, running parallel to the beach, lie below the cliff. It’s haunting. In the distance, rocky outcrops can be seen. We headed back to the cliff and enjoyed a panoramic view of hills and coastline.

We chose to spend our last day, in Iceland, walking along narrow lanes and sampling local food. We shifted to Reykjavik Backpackers after returning from our road tripWe didn’t have a plan in mind. So we just walked along lanes, both touristy as well as residential. It’s interesting to observe people enjoying a day in the park or enjoying a coffee. We reached Lake Tjornin, a picturesque lake situated in the heart of the city. A wide variety of birds walked, yes walked, along the pavements. Some tourists chose to feed them. It was strangely tranquil and time chose to miss a tick. We headed to Gamla Old Island, a restaurant in the main tourist street for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent souvenir hunting and we called it an evening by having a small meal in a coffee/bookstore.

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4 replies on “Day 6 & 7 – Back to Reykjavik

  1. I visited Iceland last year on a fieldtrip as part of my Geography degree and I completely fell in love with the country. Reading through your Iceland blog posts has been lovely, brought back so so many awesome memories. Looks like we visited many of the same places!

    1. Thanks Ella! Iceland is truly stunning. I wish we had more time. Perhaps, we would have covered the entire ring road. Basil hopes we can do another tour. Club it with Greenland! Now, I’m dreaming. 🙂

      1. I very much look forward to reading about your adventure and looking through your photos should you get to go again. I too hope to return there one day!! We can dream can’t we! 🙂

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