So you’ve decided to extend your stay in Brussels. After ticking off the main tourist sights, there will be lots more left to pursue. Skip the transport system and see where your feet take you. Like most European towns/cities, Brussels eclectic energy is best enjoyed along its streets. But when you’re tired, ensure you know the location of the nearest metro/tram/bus station.

  1. Explore Parks & Recreation

Brussels has a copious amount of green cover. Neatly manicured boulevards and parks, abundant in lush greenery, are perfect for cycling or enjoying a quiet walk. Some parks hold music festivals or mini fairs during summer. Sit back, relax, and let the music play!

Parks: List of Parks

Biking: Brussels Bike Tours  or Visit Belgium  

Music: Music & Festival Calendar

2. Visit a Flea or Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets and flea markets are perfect to sample local produce or food items or pick up bric-a-brac, trinkets, and souvenirs. Since these markets are held in pre-designated places, it’s best to check out timings and locations, prior to your visit.

List of Markets

3.  Go Café Hopping

On a warm summer day, sip a cool beer, and read that book you’ve been wanting to finish – last year. And don’t miss a visit at Comics Café. Complete with memorabilia, graphic novels, and postcards; it’s a must visit for any Tintin fan. The café on the first floor serves refreshments and a place to sit and catch up on your favourite Tintin adventure.


 4. Graffiti Spotting

It would be hard to miss graffiti art in Brussels, unless you keep your eyes shut. Buildings, shop shutters, and along railway tracks, there’s lots to admire. From popular comic characters to more edgier concepts; if you love graphic art – you’ve come to the right place. Try the comic strip walk – if you have more time.

     5. Street Artists

Around some of the main tourist sights, you’d spot street artists/musicians. Take a break. Observe. 🙂

I came across this interesting website. Need a local view point? You could try spottedbylocals.


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2 replies on “Top 5 Things to do in Brussels

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Shelley! I guess, many travellers choose Brussels as a pit-stop. It’s not always possible to see everything. But, I guess each experience is unique and adds to your overall travel experience. And you’ve travelled to many fascinating (our bucket list) countries! I can only try and imagine, how many memories you both might have accumulated! 🙂

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