ART FORM: Bead-work/Cloth Dolls & Lac Work.

Location: Nirona, Gujarat.

Contact: No cards or contact information was available. But do scout the area and enquire about them. It’s a relatively small village, I assume everyone should know each other. 🙂

What Worked: Abject poverty coupled with a will to survive the odds, are two factors which drive this small community to continue this generations old profession. As we entered the courtyard to their home, we saw young children, women dressed in brightly coloured clothes and an elderly man sitting under an old tree. The elderly man, I assume, the patriarch of the family gave us a demonstration of lac painting on wooden articles. Not very far away, a young woman worked with precision on her bead-work. By the time the demo was over, there was a flurry of activity. The young children and women scurried to display their wares. Handmade dolls, bead items and wooden handicrafts were displayed. They looked expectantly. Priced between 20 INR and 100 INR; it would be a sin if you didn’t buy anything. Don’t buy out of sympathy, but more so, to support a local (probably dying) art form.


The Blacksmith


ART FORM: Copper Bells, Zumers, Keychains.

Location: Vil. Nirona, Main Bazaar, Tal. Nakhatrana-Kutch, Gujarat.

Contact:  Luhar Husen Sidhik: +91 99987 80817

Luhar Umar Husen: +91 94264 67925 ; Email:

What Worked: In the same village, not very far from the doll makers, lies the house of the blacksmiths (luhar). It was heartening to see this family in a comparatively better economic condition. One of the sons, gave us a demonstration on the fabrication of copper bells. On display were copper bells, windchimes, keychains and love zumers. Priced between 400 INR to 2000 INR; there’s always something you can pick to display in your home. What’s more, they’re tech savvy. Want to order more or later? Shoot them a mail or buzz them.


ART FORM: Rogan Art

Location: Sun Rogan Art, Vil. Nirona, Main Bazaar, Tal. Nakhatrana-Kutch.

Contact:  Sidik H Khatri: +91 99749 46371 / Rizwan S Khatri: +91 96013 24272

What Worked: We were about to skip this one out, but when we saw a young boy with Rogan Art printed on the back of his shirt, we were a little curious. It was ironic to see any form of advertising exist in this nondescript village. He invited us inside his house. His father had stepped out, so he proceeded to give us a demo on how this art form is painted. This young boy surely knew how to generate curiosity. He asked us to guess how the paintings were painted. We failed miserably. Anyway, the colours are prepared from some kind of vegetable dye. And it’s quite fascinating how the sticky colour forms intricate patterns. His father came shortly afterwards and told us stories of happy customers. The art works, painted on cloth are priced from 1000 INR onwards. Although, we couldn’t buy anything as we were out of cash, he didn’t let us leave without a cup of tea.

ART FORM: Traditional Embroidery

Location: Village settlement near White Desert, local market & Shaam-e-Sarhad Resort, Gujarat.

Hand embroidery on pieces of cloth or huge spreads is a popular art form among the women in Gujarat. It wouldn’t be hard to miss the brightly coloured spreads that are displayed in most shops. Mirror-work alternated by embroidery or patchwork is also quite common. You could either frame it, use it as a cushion cover or as a bag. Prices depend on the size of the piece.

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6 replies on “Grassroot Art in Nirona

  1. Thanks…. this was very informative. We need to realise that india has so much of hidden art n sadly this is fading away…I wish…we had ..some one to teach us these forms of art….I would have surely not dozed off in class…;)….

    1. Glad you liked our post Sania. There are so many different types of art forms in India and most of them are tucked, hidden in small villages. Wanted to highlight their talent. 🙂

    1. I owe most of our travels to Basil. He always tries to do something different on every trip. 🙂 If it were up to me, I would sit quietly, either tucked in bed or staring dreamily outside the window. Thank you for your comment. It makes me want to continue writing. 🙂

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