Artist: Traditional Rajasthani Paintings & Block Print Material Store

Location: Rajasthan Handicrafts & Textile Factory (Sales Complex)

91, Bhattiyani Chohatta, Near Mama Ji Ki Haveli, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

 Rahul Khaturia : +91 98873 63093  Email:

What Worked: This quaint shop lies en-route Gulabh Bagh. If you’re on a strolling spree, it might be a good idea make a quick halt here. The lower floor of the shop sells traditional block-print bed sheets, fabrics, silk scarves, and ethnic jewellery. Most of the prices are hiked up and it would be wise to scout the area before making a purchase. Try bargaining for a good rate and you’re likely to get a good deal. The upper floor doubles up as an art studio. Although, I don’t remember the artist’s name, I’m sure you’d have no problem finding him with the adjoining photographs. Some of his traditional fine line paintings are stunning. Painted on camel bone, cloth or paper; the intricate work and detail is remarkable. Most paintings echo stories of Kings from the principle kingdoms in Rajasthan. The more the detail, higher the price. If you’re an art lover; then do take back a painting as a souvenir. Not very far from here, lies a Tibetan Market which sells traditional Tibetan wares and handicrafts.

Spoiler: You might want to check the numbers and location before dropping in as it could change. 

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

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