We’ve been following Ann-Christine from lagottecattleya for a while and I absolutely adore her work. Her pictures of enchanting forests and adorable animals are stunning! Few weeks back, we realised that we had a common idea for a post on cats and that’s when she nominated us for the 7 Day B&W Challenge. Ann’s been kind enough to let me bend/ignore the rules and make this post my own. Thanks, Ann!

We’ve always considered ourselves to be dog lovers. A few years back, we volunteered to take care of a friend’s cat for 10 days. Taking care of Osama (yep, that was his name) was a challenge for us. The first day was probably the hardest and we never realised how much you need to understand cat behaviour. Over the next few days, things changed and we slowly bonded with our teenage troublemaker kitty. Our hearts melted when it was time for him to leave. And that’s how our love for cats began.

We’ve been observing cats across the globe. Interestingly, every kitty has a different story to tell.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

  1. Voyeur Kitty

We came across ‘Voyeur Kitty’ enjoying the view outside the window. The poor thing got startled when he saw ‘Gangster Kitty’ (pic below) prowling outside his/her safe zone.

2. Gangster Kitty

‘Ganster Kitty’ was unstoppable. He was the least bit afraid of us and didn’t even flinch for ‘Voyeur Kitty’ at the window. The streets can toughen even the cutest ball of fur.

3. Lost Kitty

We’re not sure what happened to ‘Lost Kitty’. Did kitty want to escape monotony or was kitty abducted by a notorious gang of kitty abductors? Those eyes and that innocent face could melt the toughest human being.


4. Hungry Kitty

Hungry kitty was lurking outside our hotel window in Leh (a Himalayan mountain town). It was an interesting situation to witness. The magpie was on guard and closely monitored ‘Hungry Kitty’. ‘Hungry kitty’ was no match for that pointed beak.

5. Panther Kitty

I’ve never seen a black panther and yet it was my favourite character from the ‘Jungle Book’. I fell in love with her glossy coat.

6. Ghost Kitty

Some kitties just don’t want to be seen. They’re not scared of us, probably just a little irritated with swarms of noisy humans invading their quiet sanctuary. For three days we roamed the forest — at different times and different locations. We were granted poo sightings and faint pugmarks on the trail. But the claw marks, on the tree bark, made me question my need to see ‘Ghost Kitty’.

South Korea

7. Stalker Kitty

In Seoul, kitties are never found on the street. They’re either hiding in bushes or attempting suicidal crossings on the road. It’s rare to see a mother and kitten in plain sight. We spotted these two kitties who couldn’t seem to look away. I wonder who was more scared?

8. Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy kitty didn’t care about anyone. We found ‘Sleepy Kitty’ on a bench in Jeju Island. Unlike the cats in Seoul, ‘Sleepy Kitty’ wasn’t afraid of humans and was brave enough to sleep in their company.

9.Dreamer Kitty

In Pyeongchang, a quaint Korean mountain town, we found ‘Dreamer Kitty’. It was snowing all around and this fur ball was huddled to contain its body heat.

Koln, Germany

10. Roaring Kitty

Some kitties are taken miles away from a place they call home. They’re caged behind fences. But can you really crush their spirit?

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

18 replies on “Kitty Tales across the Globe

  1. Such pretty kitties! I’m not big cat lover because I used to be scared of them but i’m slowly warming up to them…it does help that I’m constantly surrounded w cat lovers who keep bombarding me with photos of the cutest ever kitties, including this…so much freaking cuteness overload….😍😍😍

      1. They are all around, showing these cute, adorable, fluffy faces to us all the time…like how could we resist?! 😁

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