Love is a hopeless drug. The lows often outweigh the highs. You’d do better keeping it at bay, while you still have the chance. Not much is known about this seemingly benign potion — perfected over time. Side effects include: lightheadedness, a feeling of defying gravity, dreaming with your eyes open, and numbing of rational thought. And yet, we all fall for it, at some point in our lives. Some of us, in our youth, some a little later. And some of us — again and again.

So, if you’re thinking about it, maybe, you’d want to read a little further. You’ve been forewarned.

Love may make you want to fall for the idea of ‘Love’.


Love may make you think that you’ve defeated



Love may make you want to



Love may make you want to follow footsteps

on sand,


 or snow…


or wherever he goes.


Love may make you feel like you’re

‘On Top of the World’


or that you’re the only one in the world.


Love may take you places


or not.


 And no matter which path you choose to follow

in love,


it’s never about the destination,


it’s the journey that counts.

Here’s wishing all of you a new year filled with new paths to explore and the courage to see them through!


Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

31 replies on “With or Without You

    1. Thanks a bunch, Helen! I’m hoping the universe conspires with my wishful thinking. Haha! Wishing you and your family a new year filled with lot many hikes, long drives, and new trails to explore! Hugs!

  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this Cheryl. And your photos (as usual) are gorgeous. Wishing you both the most wonderful year ahead in 2027 filled with love and plenty of new adventures. Big hugs xo

    1. It was our tenth anniversary yesterday! I can’t believe it’s been so looooong! I think I went overboard with the sugar. Haha! I’m so glad you loved it, Miriam. Wishing you, Doug and your adorable kids a new year filled with many more camping trips and adventures in the woods or under gushing waterfalls. Big hugs!! xo

      1. A huge happy anniversary wish to both of you for yesterday! I hope you had a wonderful day. You’re allowed to go overboard with the sugar on your special day. I wish you many many more years of adventurous trekking together. Sending you warm hugs from our spectacular beachside camp. xo

  2. Love the way you have blended wpc prompt with love and togetherness, Cheryl! Btw, the last picture is such a sweet picture. Wishing you both a Happy New Year !

    1. Haha! Thanks, Arvind. It’s really hard for us to click a selfie (not good at it) and smile at the same instant. This was one of the rare moments when we got it right. Wish you and wifey (I don’t know her name) a very happy new year too! 🙂

      1. I also find it tough Cheryl. unless I use a selfie stick I’m rewarded with terrible pics! So I refrain from selfie’s. Frankly, I think that’s a lovely picture of you both, so natural! Thank you for new year wishes, will pass on to ‘smith ‘ 😉

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