Most of Seoul’s sidewalks are dwarfed by towering high rises. Fortunately, there still remain few spots in the city — dominated by red brick walls or painted graffiti. Not visible in plain sight, searching for these hidden gems, often involves climbing steep, curving alleys. While some of these might be listed as tourist hot spots, there were many we came across by walking around — without looking for anything in particular.

Ihwa Mural Village





Perhaps, the most popular mural village in Seoul, Ihwa Mural Village attracts a steady stream of local as well as foreign tourists. An offshoot, from Naksan Park, leads you into a winding path — bordered by quirky wall murals and art exhibits.





On our previous visit, last year, we couldn’t explore these narrow alleys. The map indicates few key points along a marked trail. We chose to wander around instead. Unlike Gamcheon Culture Village, in Busan, Ihwa Village looked smaller with fewer murals or exhibits. It’s interesting, to see how, these quaint villages are persistent enough to resist change. Giving into paint — is a small price — to pay.





The main route is, occasionally, interrupted by broken stone steps leading back to the Fortress Trail. It’s worth the effort, to climb steep steps and admire vantage views of the city, below. To continue with the main trail, you’d have to, once again, descend a flight of steps. The area is popular with teenagers, often dressed in school uniforms, feeding on a selfie frenzy.

En Route Mt. Achasan




Last weekend, during the long holidays, we hiked on Mt. Achasan.  As we approached the entrance to one of the trails; we saw the walls of the local neighborhood painted with graffiti. Perhaps, an artist seeking practice or part of a beautification purpose?

Achasan Goguryeo Historical Road




The trail from Achasan Mountain to Gwangnaru Station passes through narrow alleys with quaint houses. Almost every white surface was covered with artworks of animals or ancient history. Although tired, we stopped for a bit to click snaps, before heading back home.



Sometimes, you just need to keep your eyes open in Seoul. During one of our marathon walks of exploration, we came across this ginormous exhibit. Not sure what it tried to say, but was quite a work of art and left little to the imagination.

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31 replies on “Along the Streets of Seoul

  1. Nice shots! We have only spent 24hrs in Seoul during a stop over to Japan. We loved the city and seeing these pictures make us want to go back to explore more of this beautiful country.

    1. Thanks! I’d say, you’d need a week to explore the main sights of Seoul. And the longer we stay here, we realise there’s so much more to explore. 🙂

  2. Great shots of the life in Seoul ~ there is something about seeing art (especially great street art) within a city. It makes the feel of the city that much easier to understand and enjoy.

  3. omg, some fascinating street art and back alleys there… you been exploring the town more and more 🙂 this is exactly the types of photos I love seeing, not the type of postcards in tourist agencies, but real ones, like these 🙂 awesome set!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Debbie! There are many more listed places for ‘street art’ sightings. And even a walk down the lane has pretty interesting artwork. 🙂

  4. The murals are fantastic and you’ve captured them beautifully in your images. Seems as though every city has a pocket of wonderful street art and it’s a great way to get a different flavor of the place. Terrific post.

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