The Fountain of Blessings – Xintiandi, Shanghai.

There’s little in common between the east and west. And yet, it’s possible to bridge the gap between the two sides of the globe – through art. Dutch Chinese sculptress, Wu Ching-ju, manages to amalgamate western concepts with ancient Chinese beliefs in her creation, ‘The Fountain of Blessings’, also known as the ‘Fulushou’ figures.

According to Taoist beliefs, Fu Star (planet Jupiter) represents the God of Good Fortune, Lu Star (Ursa Major) depicts the God of Prosperity, and Shou Star (Argo Navis) – the God of Longevity. The wishing fountain and three symbols of good luck come together, to symbolise, a modern representation of two diverse cultures across the globe. And maybe, a changing Shanghai.

“The ‘Fulushou’ figures bear the human wishes for a better life, such as happiness, good luck, fortune, prosperity, reputation, longevity and so on. ‘Fu’ embraces the wind and embodies joy; ‘Lu’ looks skyward and bows with hands clasped, symbolizing wisdom; ‘Shou’ leans lightly on a cane and smiles, representing the continuation of life. The three figures are instilled with vitality, making the sculpture feel natural and unconstrained.”

– Wu Ching-ju


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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

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