It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die,

than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. 

– Julius Caesar

I’d be the one to get things over and done with, than wait. I’m pretty impatient. I’ve always marvelled Basil’s uncanny ability to be patient and take his time to get the right shot. Personally, I’m happy to be the one who dreams, while he braves the elements and uncomfortable positions – to get what he’s looking for. Often, the right moment is hidden amongst 10 not-so-perfect ones.

On a recent trip to my home-town, I tried to step in his shoes. Armed with my phone camera, I wandered around my parents’ garden. Such visits end up in discovering creepy crawlies and bugs. I was incredibly happy when my neighbour showed me a Cotton Rosemallow. I’d never seen this flower before. And while she called it Suryakanti (Sunflower), an online search revealed it to be a Cotton Rosemallow / Confederate Rose.


At 9 am in the morning, the flower is pristine white. Not a hint of colour with its pale petals forming a stark contrast to the green leaves.


At around 2 pm in the afternoon, when the sun is shining at its bright best, the petals blush pink in colour. Other than the overall form, it would be hard to say that it was the same flower that I saw in the morning.



At 5 pm, the flower has turned bright pink. My patience had paid off. And it was a treat to witness the changing colours of the flower.

Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

12 replies on “WPC : Treat

  1. That is such a beautiful flower and it changed colours so fast! Perfect timing and lucky you to have captured it, and so well too with your phone. Such clarity in your shots.

    My friends say I am patient and don’t complain much, always taking my time to do things, looking around and hearing things out. So I think I’m a bit like Basil. And especially so when it comes to taking photos – because if you don’t wait, sometimes you will miss the perfect shot! 😀 Though I must say, sometimes I wait for a good shot and it never comes… 😀

    1. Lucky you. 🙂 Patience has never been my strong quality. I’m trying to change that.
      I was pretty happy with the shots. I was apprehensive of a wandering snake (yeah!) creeping behind me, while I clicked the snaps. Fortunately nothing of that sort happened. And I could hardly believe how strange this flower was. It’s one of those magic tricks that you find hard to believe.

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