On our way back from Insa-dong, a popular tourist district in Seoul, we came across a art-collage of tiles in the subway. Probably a part of an art project – each tile had a unique story. Depending on the angle of the shot, it was possible to sequentially reduce the number of tiles, thereby, changing the story with each shot.


A side angle shot reveals all the themes in the wall project. While it may not be possible to view each tile – the effect is of a collage of many contrasting ideas.


A front angle shotย changes the story. It’s hard to say whether the collage is part of a wall or a mural.

The third shot – again from the front – indicates another view. The collage seems to lose its identity by subsequent reduction.

Taking only one tile, at a time, ย revealed nothing of the whole project. In fact, it would be hard to trace this image to its parent collage.

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Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

6 replies on “WPC: From Every Angle

    1. It is! I do wish we had those hours. You know, these are one of those sights, you just happen to see on your way. If we’d been more preoccupied – we’d definitely have missed this wall.

  1. Impressive. It reminds me of when the airports here displayed everyone’s photos taken while flying over Canada. Your eyes keep repeatedly wandering over and over all the scenes. Right?

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