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What’s a good day? For most seasoned travellers, it’s a day, on which, everything works like clockwork. But we all know such days are hard to come by. And our China trip wasn’t any different.

For starters, in the month of April, the weather was whimsical. While it was warm on most days, an occasional shower would catch us off-guard. After a brief spell of rain – temperatures rose again.

What about walking? There’s lots of it in China. Cities are packed with historic sites and the countryside – with undulating hills. I’m not sure if we walked this much before. It took many screaming muscles and a bruised knee – to explore China’s cultural and natural heritage.

It’s taken me more than two months to collate our experiences. But, when I look back at our image bank, I don’t really think of what it took to reach these places. I see stunning visuals in front of me.

Again. So, what’s a good day? I think, it’s a day, on which, you forget whatever was on your mind or who you are and get lost in a journey of discovery. And difficult as it may have been, when I look back, yesterday was a good day! Perhaps, excellent!

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

10 replies on “WPC : Yesterday Was a Good Day

  1. Beautiful slideshow of China. Magnificent nature and architecture, and I love your interpretation of the theme. Getting lost in the journey of discovery, enjoying every moment right in front of you, feeling as one with the world and basically living in the moment. I like that. Hope your feet weren’t too sore from all the walking 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel! I kept complaining about my soar feet. I felt that it wasn’t a good trip at all with all the walking and falling sick. And then when I started writing – it all changed. 🙂

    1. I’m sure they do. I couldn’t help getting nostalgic myself. Century Park isn’t a tourist spot, but it’s definitely worth the visit. 🙂 Perhaps, on your next trip?

  2. I haven’t been to China in years, but your images make me want to go back. And yes, when you are completely transported and forget about life’s worries, that is a good day indeed.

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