For a couple who loves to walk, there’s surely a lot of ground that’s covered ‘Beneath our Feet. Sometimes way too much ground. And it’s also the inspiration for the name of our blog. When you’ve walked as much – you’d know what we mean. Here are some of the favourite shots, among the many, we’ve taken in roughly a decade of travel across the globe. And for those who still need some inspiration to start travelling – we’d leave you with the words of J.R. Tolkien,

“Not all those who Wander are Lost.”

In our backyard
Villa Borghese – Rome
Bandhavgarh Forest Lodge – India
Skaftafell National Park – Iceland
Konkan Coast – India
Great Wall of China – China
Gia Bhorelli River Bed – India
Alleys of Kyoto – Japan
No Man’s Land – Rann of Kutch, India.
In the Forest – Nameri, India.
Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

10 replies on “WPC: Beneath Our Feet

  1. Beautiful photos of the world beneath your feet! I think I like the heart shaped petal one best, though I’m not much of a romantic 🙂 I like the angle of the last shot a lot as well. Soldering on amidst autumn and cooler weathers coming your way.

    I like walking a lot too. However, I have bunions (genetic) on my feet and that makes long walks painful 😀

    1. Thanks Mabel! The petal shot was taken in Rome. It was one of those ‘lucky’ finds. We assume some love-lorn artist must have created it for his muse. 🙂
      I can understand your predicament. Long walks are painful – even without bunions. Maybe, you could take short breaks in the middle. It helps ease the strain on the legs and mind. 🙂

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