What is the colour of your feet?

Now it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Every new post has its share of likes, comments, and followers. But, as a rule of thumb, I generally allow comments only from fellow bloggers. Any serious blogger understands the perils of spam comments. We’ve had our share of spam. Yesterday, I was surprised to see a comment on our ‘about’ page. I couldn’t trace it to a blog and therefore couldn’t approve it. But the point Mr/Ms ‘Bad Happy’ made was compelling and it would be unfair to simply block it. So, I thought answering his/her question with a post. There was a finite possibility that a similar thought might have occurred to other readers who visited our blog.

To quote him/her:

What if me and my brother from Jamaica take a walk? Is it still two brown feet?”

YES, why not? The idea behind the colour ‘brown’ is that as travellers we are given an opportunity to set aside our cultural make-up and leave behind our skewed perceptions. So, whether your feet are naturally black, white, yellow, brown (like us), blue or green (visitors from the unknown); once you’ve walked a lot on our planet, they take on the colour of the earth (brown).

As kids, we’d bury our feet into the sand. The outer layers are a shade of golden brown, while the inner layers of earth are of a deeper hue. A visit to a dense forest in slip-ons (not the wisest idea) will result in reddish-brown feet. But, possibly, the best example would be that of a mud-bath. Wrestle in sludge and after a while all colours coalesce.

We don’t live in an ideal world. But travel helps us to live the ‘bubble’ on the days we choose to.

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