WPC: Ephemeral


Our tour guide

Our tour guide

Back to camp!

Towards  glaciers

A close up

Lava fields up close

Lavendar fields of Lupine - Vik

Lavender fields of Lupine

 At 90 km/hr along Iceland’s ring road – the view outside our car window was ephemeral. From vast barren lava fields of nothingness to rolling hills; the scenery changes as quickly as the pointer ticked on our speedometer. With barely a soul in sight, for miles at end, the drive has been one of the best we’ve been on.

8 responses to “WPC: Ephemeral

      • Not quite by close
        The moss was so deep and dense scenery like nothing else and 4 seasons in one day
        Glaciers, difficult trails, volcanic beach with organ pipe stone formations, sheep, wild horses, so many water falls and so little trees.

      • How true! We either chased rain clouds or were chased by them. 🙂 And if the weather didn’t change it was the scenery. Sometimes, both. I’m feeling nostalgic. It’s hard to place Iceland in a particular slot. It seems to have a little bit of everything.

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