WPC : Walls


Brussels Street Art


Construction Work – Philadelphia


Knotty Affairs – Reykjavik

I thought this challenge is going to be really easy. But a look through our data bank proved to be otherwise. There were too many interesting “Walls” across the world to profile. Since we’re big fans of graffiti, we narrowed the theme to street art. These are some of our favourites or the ones that stuck on.

11 responses to “WPC : Walls

      • Haha! What an interesting info-byte, Helene. I can’t imagine myself spraying local walls in Singapore or any country for that matter. 🙂 I’m quite chicken in that sense. I guess, there’s a fine line between vandalism and art. Sometimes, graffiti artists can cross that line.

  1. I love the one form Philadelphia, and the tie one is cute too. What a great time you two must have! I’m quite envious. Thanks for the follow, too – I appreciate it.

    • Lynn, thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Your photography is truly beautiful. I couldn’t make it for the Philadelphia trip, but was fortunate enough to see Brussels and Reykjavik. You know when you’re walking for hours, it’s possible not to appreciate what you see. But, I guess, that’s the beauty of a photograph and now blogs. In hindsight, you cherish every moment. 🙂 I know the feeling of envy. I’ve seen bloggers tick of our bucket list faster than I can write of our past trips. 🙂
      – Cheryl

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