The ‘Trans Himalayan Safari’ takes you through four lofty, snow-clad mountain passes, each averaging about 4000 m (approx 13,000 ft). The route starting from Manali (Himachal Pradesh), ends in Leh (Jammu & Kashmir) and is covered in a period of two days. I spent three sleepless nights, prior to our trip, having nightmares of what could go wrong. I had read blogs (not the wisest idea) of Enfield bikers suffering respiratory problems and palpitations. I was/am no biker. When I heard the roads had opened, I chickened. I asked for a oxygen cylinder, but our organiser said that I wouldn’t need one. En-route, we saw bikers sleeping in make-shift tents and later cyclists pedalling their way through circuitous mountain roads. I felt sheepish. Here I was in a solid, heavy vehicle, with the best local driver, and yet I was worried. After two bad passes (day one) and a sleepless night at Sarchu (4000m) – I finally began to let my mind forget that queasy feeling. If I made this trip, in one piece, I’m sure I’d be able to do anything (well almost) else! Day two was a contrast. By this time, the surreal Himalayan landscapes helped alleviate my fear. There were two more passes, but I guess – I didn’t care any more. We reached Leh in one piece. But what truly mattered to me, was that I had done something, I never thought I could. And no matter how many trips we go on, theΒ achievementΒ of completing this trip, will always remain the most important memory for me.

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

6 replies on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

    1. Helene, it was quite an adventure. The first pass was Rohtang Pass (3,979 m). Now, Rohtang translates as ‘Pile of Dead Bodies’. Before we reached the summit, we were stuck for two hours, had a flat while it rained, and the road was a sludge fest! Our driver told us, later on, that couple of trucks had slipped at the blind turn of the mountain. The second pass Baralacha-la (4,890 m) was freezing cold. I felt really sick here because of AMS. πŸ™‚

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