In a week’s time, we’ve got yet another invitation! This time, multi-talented Indah Susanti has invited us to participate in the ‘Writer’s Blog Tour’. Indah’s a photographer, scuba-diver, traveller, closet-writer, and popular blogger; all packed into one incredible person. The way she captures the marine world is truly fascinating. It almost makes me want to test those tricky waters. But, her blog isn’t just about stunning photography or fascinating places. It’s got the perfect blend of history, perspective, and most importantly, what every traveller needs to have – introspection. We’re lost without that, aren’t we?

Coming back to the post theme. If you’ve been following our blog and wondering how do we think of our posts, then here’s a sneak peak into our minds.

What are we working on? 

We’re both from multi-disciplinary fields. Probably, that’s what makes us different. Although, Basil and I (Cheryl) are Physics post-grads, we were drawn towards writing/editing. While Basil started off as a scientific-editor (eventually shifted to management), I worked as a creative writer and copywriter. Lately, I’ve dabbled with freelance writing for travel sites, product blogs, and now focus more on my own writing. Since we procrastinated for a while, we’re currently in the process of updating posts on all our past trips. Our chronicle, on mesmerising Japan, is nearing it’s end and our first Euro trip – with the fab four cities – will be on our next post itinerary.

How does our work differ from others of its genre?

Our friends prodded us to start a travel blog. I guess, we’d been travelling much too often. We first thought of the idea of a travel blog, three years back. Our first blog never made it live. We’ve deleted it since. I guess, what works for our current blog (twobrownfeet), is its name. After a two month initial prep time, and after being a zombie (living-dead) blog for months afterwards (due to procrastination), we’re taking blogging a little more seriously. What’s different about our work? We would say perspective. We stopped being tourists a while back and prefer to let our feet to do the talking. We seek isolation and beauty. But we love people as well, and culture, of course! Basil’s the photographer and I, the dreamer/writer. Besides, we keep making mistakes. The best part, is that, we don’t always learn from them. So whatever, you see, or read, is real. Nothing fabricated. And if you think those photographs look stunning, we’d say the places look all the more stunning, in reality.

Why do we write what we do?

The primary reason to write or showcase our photographs, is to share our perspective with fellow travellers and inspire people to travel. But, more so, to serve as a guide for those who want to discover – what lies beyond their four walls, town, city or country. Besides, what works on tourism portals, doesn’t necessarily work in the real world. And irrespective of the amount of planning you put, Murphy’s law has a way of taking over. It always helps to be prepared. Lastly, popular media thrives on stereotypes. We’ve realised that travel is the best way to break stereotypes, appreciate people, and most importantly, open your mind.

How does our writing process work?

Basil has yet to write a single blog post. Till then, he plays the part of a diligent (sometimes obsessive) motivator. Once we short-list a particular destination, I chalk out a general plan on the number of places and photographs for the post. Earlier, I used to write a detailed ‘travelogue’, but I’ve evolved to keeping the posts shorter. Although, I’m quite organised, I tend to scribble the post names on a note-pad or create draft posts in the dashboard. The trip posts involve a combination of jogging my fading memory and looking up the names of those forgotten trips. The other sections such as random musings and culture extras are much quicker to write. And yes, I have to play the right music, to inspire and motivate me to keep writing.

And now it’s your turn!

Transitions  Ettemeyer writes haiku, short stories (yet to read), and showcases a series of dreamy photography. What appeals, is the depth of her interpretation, of what might otherwise seem to be mundane.

Cooking with a wallflower  Andrea, we’re in love with her cooking and blog. Some day, we’re going to try to re-create those beautifully catalogued recipes.

Tvor Travels Tvor loves to travel and capture her journey’s through photography and writing. History, architecture and art dominate her work – something we love as well!

Ellis Goes on Holiday Ellis has travelled to fascinating (our bucket list) places and dishes out practical travel advice. What’s more, she has a contagious energy that cannot be ignored.

Books,Music,Photography,& Movies What’s there not to love of books, music, photography and movies. Throw-in travel for good measure and you’ve found yourself an interesting blog.

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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

11 replies on “Our Writing Process

  1. Thank you so much for very generous and kind introduction! Gosh, I am blushing ^^’ When I read your blog, I had the feeling that you are (Cheryl) actually a writer 😀 it’s great to know you more through this post and especially to know that both of you are really working as a great team! I am sure I am going to enjoy reading your blog posts for long term, so please keep it up 😉

    1. Indah, your travel and photography truly inspire us! Especially me, cos I have a dreadful fear of underwater adventures. But when I look at the way you capture marine life, it makes me want to be brave. Sigh! Some day maybe! Actually, I’m an introvert, so I find it hard to talk a lot about me/us. And probably that’s the biggest challenge I find while blogging. We’re super happy you love our posts! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your blog tour 🙂

    I look forward to more of your posts as it’s my vivacious international travel outlet. I’m envious that you’re having so many fun travel adventures. You guys are a great team!

    1. Ettemeyer(I’m sorry, I’m not sure if it’s your pen/real name 🙂 ), your blog is truly wonderful. If I had a blog that focussed on writing, I’d want to model it on your style. It’s funny, many of our friends are envious of our travels, as well. However, lately, I feel that I’m writing more about our travel, than actually travelling! 🙂 But, to dispel myths, these journeys span slightly less than a decade. Sadly, we’re not full-time travellers. You should consider travel too. We’re a good team. But,you know what they say about travel, you’d either forge a bond with the person you’re travelling with or become sworn enemies! Have a nice week! 🙂
      – Cheryl

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