When the sounds, on the outside, get too loud – they drown every thought within. Anyone who’s lived in a city knows the feeling. And while a trip might be the perfect way to seek seclusion – few places like these exist. The trail which leads there, is not an easy one. Add to it, the challenge of escaping people, fellow travellers, and tourists. But the reward of going ‘off the beaten track’ and listening to nothing but the ‘sounds of silence’ is worth every effort.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere,

your thoughts will be the loudest sound you will hear.

Sarchu, India.

 On a mountain pass, the wind whispers gently in your ear.

OK. Sometimes, not so gently.

Baralacha-la Pass, India.

 The cacophony of chirping birds make honking cars a distant memory.

Pangong Lake, India.


An old root bridge, somewhere in the forest, 100 odd steps lead you there.

There’s life all around you. But none that you can really see.

The Single Decker Living Root Bridge, India.

The river dried up a long time back. But you can still hear its gush.

Yumthang Valley, India.
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Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

12 replies on “Sounds of Silence

    1. Thank you! Actually, they are different places. The first two are en-route Leh, the third – Ladakh, fourth – Meghalaya, and fifth – Sikkim. Your blog covers some stunning locales in the northern Himalayan belt. Places we want to trek – in the near future! 🙂

  1. Lovely photos! 🙂 Finding places of silence is so important whenever you travel and at home. Even in crazy busy crowded Seoul, there’s always a green space or temple to find serenity in. You just have to seek it out. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shelley! We’ve evolved as travellers. Initially, it was about seeing what everyone saw. Now it’s more about, searching for places – few have visited. 🙂 But, yes, there is a desire to seek seclusion. Perhaps, get away from urban trappings. Seoul. We’ve seen so many Korean movies! It’s a trip waiting to happen.

      1. Seoul is a fantastic place to visit… and surprisingly there are a lot of places of seclusion in the big, busy city. You just have to look a bit harder. Let us know if you ever make it here. We can meet up! 🙂

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