Distance: 108 Km from Mumbai (by road). Approx 3 hrs (subject to traffic at Panvel)

How to get there:

1. By Road Google Maps

2. By Ferry/Catamaran from  Gateway of India to Alibag. Take a local bus or rick to your resort.


Alibag is probably the most popular weekend getaway for those living in Mumbai/ Pune. Its proximity to the city, draws huge crowds during the peak holiday seasons. From horse riding to swimming/wading in turbid waters; its long coastline has a number active pursuits to pursue. Those who want a bit of history can walk (during low tide) or take a boat (high tide) to Kolaba fort. The abandoned fort is practically in ruins, but for the few locals who take refuge in its confines. It is believed, that Shivaji used this fort, to defend and strengthen the South Konkan region. For a nominal fee of 20 INR or so, you’re allowed to take a walk back in time. Temples, a green pond, rusted cannons and a vantage viewing point is what makes the fort worth a visit. It’s possible to cover the entire the fort in less than an hour. And if water sports is what gets you going, then you’ve chosen the perfect beach getaway.

Spoiler: In recent times, Alibag has seen a spike in investment from city dwellers and that’s why, unlike its neighbouring beaches, it has lost its rustic charm.


Distance: 97 Km from Mumbai (by road). Approx 3hrs (subject to traffic at Panvel)

How to get there:

1. By Road Google Maps

2. By Ferry/Catamaran to Mandwa Jetty. Take a rick for 50 INR (2007 rates) to your cottage.


The best part of the Konkan Coast is that there still a few isolated beaches tucked away from the hordes of holidaying crowds. Awas is one of them. There is nothing really to do here. Walk along its long coastline, take a cool dip in the water or just sit and watch the sunset. There’s a small temple on the beach and few fishing boats line it. During low tide, the receding water exposes the jagged rocks the sea hides. With no active pursuits to pursue, this beach is ideal for those looking for solace or an escape from the noise of partying city dwellers. A number of cottages line the beach, however hardly any people come out of them.

Spoiler: The only drawback would be its absolute isolation. It would be wise bet to head back before sunset, as the beach gets pitch dark, without a soul for miles.



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