August 2015

Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon – Iceland
Zero Point, Sikkim – India

What’s our story? As kids, we didn’t travel much and most of our journeys ended in our hometowns in southern India. I guess, that’s what made us want to travel. We’ve been travelling for nearly a decade and haven’t explored as much as we’d hope to.

The Streets of Paris – France
Kaziranga National Park – India

On our trips, Basil is the photographer, travel partner/hubby and sounding board. He dreams of far-flung places (could have something to do with his avid interest in stamps & notes) to explore. I (Cheryl) think being different from each other is what makes us click. So, while he takes hours to photograph people or places; I choose to either get lost in my thoughts or talk to local people. In a way, our blog represents the best of both of us.

Along the Han — South Korea
The White Desert – India

Why ‘two brown feet‘? We took a really long time to think this one out. Anyone who’s followed our trips or has travelled with us, will realise: ‘walking’ is one of our top choices. Basil avoids the straight route and we often get lost, going off the marked tourist trail. Till date, we’ve never followed the same path twice. The name is our interpretation of a good trip must be — a pair of really tired & muddy feet. Read more here

Sarchu – India
Koksar – India

As much as we’d hope — we’re not nomadic travellers. When we’re not travelling, we lead a pretty normal life. Basil works in business development and I’m a struggling writer — hoping to write — more than I procrastinate. Someday, we’d like to settle in a secluded mountain town, in the Himalayan foothills, with a population of a few hundred people. That’s when, we’d like to look back at our blog as a collection of incredible travel experiences.

Annyeong from Pyeongchang (December 2016)

*** Starting from July 2016, we’d have relocated to Seoul, South Korea. It’s not the mountain town we were hoping for. Fortunately, Seoul does have its fair share of rocky peaks, green spots, and towering mountains. We’re hoping this stint of S(e)oul searching will add to our travel journey and incredible life experiences. 

123 replies on “Our Story

  1. I just came across your blog and I’m glad I did! I’m amazed by how many countries you’ve been to and the way you write about your experience and the photohraphs are both awesome. I’m from Spain but I currenty live in Japan (we’re neighbours!) and I’m hoping to expand my horizons as much as you guys did, little by little!

    1. Hi Lola! Thanks a bunch for stopping by. And your wonderful comment just made my day. 🙂 Yes, we are neighbours! My husband and I visited Tokyo last month. Keep dreaming and you will visit the countries on your bucket list. Spain has been on ours for ages!

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