As travellers, we love to exchange stories about our adventures on the road. Our blog is an open diary and a platform to write about our travel experiences. And we would love to connect with anyone (across multiple platforms) who wants to explore new places. That’s why GPSmyCity appealed to us and we’re happy to be their affiliate partner for 2 years. 

GPSmyCity is designed for people who love to explore cities on foot.”

The Blog2App platform is catching up in the world of travel. How does it work? Thankfully, without the internet. If you’ve been reading our posts and wanted to try following a similar trail or finding an isolated location or maybe a museum or restaurant that we’ve listed; all you’d have to do is download the post that’s converted into an article app. Once you download our article app, on your iOS/Android device, you wouldn’t need the internet to follow the route we’ve traced. And if you do miss a step, the app will use the GPS tracker on your phone to ensure you get back to the main path.
GPSmyCity partners with bloggers across multiple platforms. So, you’d have access to a rich bank of travel articles (over 1000 cities) and city walks. Each article is converted into a downloadable app. You can download the app whenever you have access to the internet and view it, in real time, on a trip or in a hotel room, or whilst walking on an isolated road — in the middle of nowhere. There is no cost for the download. If you opt for an upgrade, there will be a nominal fee, a portion of which will go to the contributing author.
Here’s how you can access article apps on your iOS/Android device:
1. Click on the link at the end of a blog post that has been converted into an app. If you haven’t downloaded the free GPSmyCity app (iOS or Android), you will receive a prompt to do so.
2. Or, if you already downloaded the GPSmyCity app, search for your favourite city and download the articles available for FREE. You can opt for an upgrade for offline use and GPS tracking.

To get a feel for this app, try it out!

We’re happy to offer a free upgrade on the article below. This offer is available from Monday, August 13 to Sunday, August 19.

Have a look at our new articles that are now available on GPSmyCity

Exploring Seoraksan National Park in Autumn

Or, if you’ve missed our earlier articles, take a look at the links below. Click the link to download an article and you’re good to go!

Note: If you choose to upgrade one of our downloaded travel articles, we will receive a small commission (few cents). It helps us offset the costs of maintaining our travel blog. 
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