We live in a complex world.

Times are hard to fathom.

There’s so much around and yet,

so little — to be truly be happy with.


When things seem to be going nowhere,

when it’s easier to shed a tear than hide behind a fake smile,

or when hope vanishes with the last patch of blue above;

morning comes along.


And when it feels like you’re standing alone on this side,

Or the night won’t end, morning will come.

That big fiery ball of gas will read your tired mind,

and shine brighter than anything else you’ve seen before,

 giving you a sign,

everything will be OK.


That’s what mornings are.

A new day.

A new beginning.

The chance of a first attempt after many failed second attempts,

an opportunity to wipe the slate clean,

and start all over.

For the dark night has long passed.



Posted by:twobrownfeet

Writer-Photographer Duo. Now in Seoul.

14 replies on “What Makes You Happy?

  1. This is a beautiful entry ! Recently, I haven’t feel great to be honest. Each morning is difficult… difficult to get up and go to work. But the future is bright, I should think that I will feel better soon 🙂

    1. I know exactly how you feel, Gin! I wrote this post to remind myself how great mornings are. 🙂 Things will work out. They always do. I’m sure you’ll feel “ALIVE” again! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Miriam. We could all do with some hope and optimism! Lately, I find myself veering towards despondency, but I fight the urge and try to look at the bright side. So much sunlight here and that’s what I love about mornings. The possibility of a new start. I’m so glad we get that opportunity, every morning.

      1. So very true and so well said. Stay happy my friend, life’s too short to stay down and despondent for too long (but I know what you mean). xo

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